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    Default Which one worked for you?

    I'll keep it simple..

    I have an oral interview scheduled for Dec 12th for a Fire Dept. I have tested for before, and was knocked out at the oral interview 2 years ago. So my question is, in terms of programs/websites/services that help you get hired and work on your interview skills * Capt Bob etc*, which one worked for you guys?

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    A little bit of all of them. Read through the tips and websites you can find and personalize it so you have a good interview for you not just the same things everyone else that reads these forums said. I used this website and it really helped me through. Be careful don't put all your stock in what one person says on here take all opinions and tips in before just going with one style. I am sure somebody will give you an actual website or something which is good but read everything then make it your own interview. Good luck.

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    Default Response to; Which one worked for you?

    The best advice I can give anyone attempting to achieve their ultimate goal of being a firefighter is to be honest, answer questions quickly and decisively, don’t think to long (if you think to long it’s a sign of being unsure), the best way not to think to long is to be confident in your ability and do your research about the department you are interviewing for. When I set on oral boards I ask, “What do you know about our department”?
    That is a big question for potential employees. If you don’t care enough to know about the department you are applying for, you may not be the best choice.

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