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    Default Hiring practices in WI

    Can anyone tell me who most departments do their hiring in Wisconsin and is there a residency requirement? I'm from Jersey and we generally have to take a state civil service exam, so I was wondering if it is the same in WI. Also, does Wisconsin state accept DoD certification? This is my first time posting, so please bear with me. Thanks.

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    Each department is different. Application, testing, and hiring timelines can vary quite a bit depending on each dept one is applying for. There is a state FF test, but it varies by dept if they will use that or not, so there is no set standard for hiring here. The majority of depts will conduct their own testing and don't rely on a state type of test.

    As for DOD certs, that too depends upon the department. However, unless they are IFSAC certs, you may find difficulty with DOD being accepted. The majority of depts requiring certifications want WI FF1 and or 2, although there are a few depts not requiring any prior fire knowledge. If you had a question about an individual dept, it would be best to check out their website. Otherwise if interested in moving and looking at who is hiring, subscribe to an internet service like firerecruit.com etc. Those give a goods heads up of who is hiring and what is required.

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