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    Default Twin Cities Hiring ???

    Anyone know when either Minneapolis or St. Paul will be hiring next, and what are the qualifications. Also, when was the last time they hired, or how often. I heard that maybe next summer (2008) they might open apps. Anyone that works at either of these departments want to comment about how it is to work there, and anything else you think it worth knowing. Thanks.


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    Check out www.stpaul.gov/jobopenings/firefighterinfo.html
    This should tell you alot of the information that you are looking for, at least for St. Paul anyway. As far as for Minneapolis, I have heard that they may be testing again in 2008. Check out the city website then go to the F.D. page from there. Hope this helps.

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    I also just found my application for when I tested for St. Paul in 2005. The Minimum requirements at that time were
    Hgh school graduation or GED.
    18 years old.
    Valid DL.
    MN EMT Certification by the time of hire.

    Since the list is still valid the requirements should still be the same

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