I just recently interviewed with a dept. that used to be represented by IAFF and is now with the Teamsters local. I used to work for an IAFF local and personally prefer IAFF. I'm aware of several depts in my state that have been with the Teamsters as well as several PDs. All of the FDs had been with IAFF and apparently had some dissatisfaction at some point. I'm certainly not going to rock the boat there until I get some seniority, but it might be interesting to have some inside info that might help sway others when and if it comes time to revisit which union the dept. is affiliated with.

I've always thought it made more sense for trade specific unions to represent their trades. When's the last time you saw a master electrician trust a truck driver to negotiate on matters of occupational specifics?

Does anyone know of other depts that have switched from IAFF to Teamsters or another union? I'm curious to find out if this has been primarily smaller depts. or not. One dept. in my state, which isn't super small by our standards (a 7-8 person shift) recently switched back to IAFF incidentally.

The dept. that I interviewed with runs 3 platoon, 3 person shifts.