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    Default Firefighting = my dream

    Hi everyone. My name is Tyler, I'm 20 years old and my dream is to be a Firefighter/ paramedic. First off, I know you guys probably get a lot of new people on here posting stuff like this, but please hear me out first..I would appreciate it immensley.

    My dream is, and always has been, to be a Firefighter/paramedic. It's the only thing I have ever wanted to do. I catch myself going miles out of the way to wherever I am going just so I can drive by a firehouse to hopefully get a glimpse of the guys outside or something..yeah, kinda sad I know haha.

    Anyways, I live in a little city called Olive branch,about 5 miles outside Memphis Tn. I havn't even bothered applying at memphis because I know how hard it is, especially for someone like me who has no previous fire experience and no CERTS, so I have just been applying at surrounding cities to hopefully get on there and work my way up and maybe one day go to memphis.

    I have applied at several little cities around here. I took and passed the one for my city ( olive branch), and I'm taking another one this coming friday for another city (hornlake).

    It's been almost 2 weeks since I took the test, and I still havn't gotten a call ,although, he said it could be as late as early dec. I know I passed the CPAT and I'm 99.9% sure I did perfect on the written....it was a joke.

    I am planning on taking an EMT course at my local cummunity college this comming semester, because I heard that helps. But I know it can be somewhat of a waiting game getting on so I was going to maybe do the paramedic course after I got my EMT cert, cause I heard that will almost guarantee you a job..but it's a 2 year course.

    I guess why I am writing this is because I need some encouragement..

    I have heard so many stories about how some people have been trying to get on a fire dept for years..passing the written, the CPAT, got an interview and STILL can't get on.

    This is my first time, I don't have any previous fire related experience, all my previous jobs have consisted of sales and stuff like that, I don't have any connections. I know a lot of people know someone who is a firefighter or something that helps them get on....I don't ..I know NOONE

    I guess what I am getting at is..everyday I get more and more discouraged..I know it's what I want to do...it's like someone shot an arrow into my head and that's all I can think about... but everyday it just seems more and more immpossible.

    Someone please be honest with me..do I have a real shot at ever becoming a firefighter? I can't express into words how much I want to do this. Putting out fires, saving lives, the brotherhood I always see between firefighters..I could go one about why it's my dream.

    Now that I read this it sounds as if a whiney little 12 year old wrote it. I'm sorry, I just don't know what to do.

    Thanks for whoever takes the time to read this.

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    "I havn't even bothered applying at memphis because I know how hard it is",

    These are the kind of statements that will keep you out of the fire service and living your dream. Part of becoming a FF is physical strength and general knowledge. Most of it is confidence and attitude. Change the way you think, and things will change.

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