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    Ok ill throw my 2 cents in. I have been a CDL driver for 21 years and I can tell you that a CDL is not the cure all. It is training and experiance that will make the difference. Anyone thats good at taking tests can get a CDL and just a little skill will get the driving down. If you are driving a rig thats got enough fuel for a Haz-Mat endorsement you got in the wrong rig at the station.
    I have been run off the road by CDL drivers and the old fella driving the big RV (Dont get me started on the RV's ) Any firefighter gets jacked up when we go to a call ...its what you do with it that will make the difference on how you drive and arrive.
    Forrest Gregg
    Fire & Rescue Inc.
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    No, CDL is not THE answer but it is a start. Alot of guys have never driven anything bigger than a car. It would be a step in the right direction before throwing them in an apparatus and letting them drive.
    Assistant Chief/EMT-B

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    I had a MN state trooper tell me that his interpretation is that a fireman can drive a truck to the scene without a CDL, but a CDL is required for the return trip.

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    Firefighter apparatus drivers in Michigan are exempt from having a CDL. Just like the DOT Inspection that most states do....not in Michigan.

    We are such a screwed up state with exemptions.
    Jim Shultz
    Oshtemo Fire Dept
    Fleet Maintenance Specialist

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