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    Default Volunteer SAR Teams Training

    Hi everyone,

    We have a volunteer based search and rescue team in Cyprus and need your help with training.

    Our members are divers from all levels ranging from open water to course directors and technical divers. Our objective with regards to water search and rescue operations is to create a team capable of operating in missions like search for missing divers, collection and preservation of evidence, body recovery and related missions.

    Since our team is only recently formed we are trying to prioritise our training activities and need your assistance with this.

    Any suggestions or advise on training requirements and training organisations would be highly appreciated.

    Thank you,

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    Default Dive rescue training

    I would highly recomand Dive Rescue International for a training agency, If you would like some information on our training reguirements Please contact me at Mmcclennen@ msn.com

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    Default Lifeguard Systems


    They are international and are very good.

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    Thank you for your answers and recommendations.

    Is there any European based training agency you would recommend?

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    I'd look at the DR 1 class from dive rescue for starters. Dive rescue also offers classes in most aspects of diving from current to contaminated water.
    I have taken classes from many agencies and dive rescue is very good.
    Although for swift water (not current diving) I would recommend rescue 3.

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