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    Default Paramedic HELP!!!

    I cannot seem to pass my NREMT-P written test! I have tried two times and both times I was unsuccessful! It is extremly hard for me with the new computer testing as well as I switched jurisdictions and had to go through a fire academy and was unable to test at the time my class ended and I was out of the book for 5 months. I have passed my practicals and just want to get through the written so I can make the big bucks! Any help is appreciated a book, CD, anything...

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    There are all sorts of review books out there. I would recommend getting the one that went along with your books. Also, get together with some other medics or your fellow students and have them quiz you. Worst case, take a refresher class prior to retesting.
    Jason Brooks
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    Try posting your question over on http://www.emsresponder.com/forums

    THese are the "new" forums sponsored by cygnus publications that were once the EMS section of this forum.

    I don't have any first hand experience with CBT - way to "old school" for that.
    However I can't see the content of the material changing that much but rather just the delivery system. So in that thought - look at any of the several Q&A style study guides on the market.
    Also - the NREMT used to publish a sample test / study guide of their own way back when. You may want to see if that is still available.

    Last but not least - good luck w/ your test.
    Take Care - Stay Safe - God Bless

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    I'll convey the same advice I've given other medic students. In the months before your test, read through your books, notes, etc. A month or two before the test, start concentrating on those areas where you're not comfortable or where you're deficient. 24 hours prior to the test, put everything away and quit studying.

    One of the most common mistakes I see people make is to "cram" during the last couple of days. When you cram, you're losing long-term memory in favor of the short-term stuff you're concentrating on. Repitition and understanding the material is the key.

    You must also understand that NR supposedly designs the test for the "average" student to pass. The more studious students will read too in depth into the questions and get the wrong answer. The questions should be pretty cut-and-dry. Don't read into it, don't make assumptions, take what they give you and answer that scenerio.

    Don't know if it'll help you, but that's my experience. Good luck!

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