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    Question Traffic Incident Management

    Our district along with many other fire departments, Law Enforcement, IL Dept of Transportation, IL State Police, Tow companies, EMS, and Emergency Management have started a Traffic Incident Management Committee. This has all came from one of our local brothers getting killed on the Interstate. We found out that the State police had came up with a training program being taught in the academy. IDOT and ISP are supporting the effort 100%! We continue to talk about important issues such as lane and road closures (when to do it and when to not do it), getting everybody on the "same page" and working together, etc. We have only met a few times, but things are going good so far. We are getting together to work the training up to apply for our region. Some of the things we plan to work on include: Apparatus positioning, cone placement, using a "spotter" to watch approaching traffic, lane closures, communications, best practices, establishing a safe zone to work in, quick completion and reopening of scenes and roadways.

    I was wondering if anyone else had started a TIMC or if there was one in their area.

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    We have been talking to a few deaprtments about building a skid for this type of response. The equipment would include a message board, cones, barricade, scene tape, lightmast, ect. You can check out some of the photos at CTVFIRE.COM and go to message boards and CTV pictures. Any input would be appriciated.

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    We don't have a TIMC, per se. About three years ago our local MoDOT office got with the staff of my career department to resolve the issues involving secondary accidents, several of them being fatality accidents.

    MoDOT wanted us to do some training, which they paid for and were going to find the instructors for (until I mentioned I had taken an instructor-level class for traffic control) to get all of the FD's the protected the stretch of I-44 their office was responsible for.

    They ended up paying for my hours of instructing then went and bought us several of the big pink "Emergency Scene Ahead" signs, as well as some other messaged signs. We ended up buying over 100 cones for our apparatus, and the cops did the same.

    One thing that has impressed me about MoDOT is their proactiveness towards the issue. They have installed permanent message boards along the interstate and have given our (and other) dispatch center access to change the messages to warn about delays and blocked lanes well in advance. They have also bought and manned "Emergency Response Vehicles" that are staffed 24/7. I hadn't got to see the one in our city until the other day, but it's a nice set-up. It has signage, cones, and other traffic control devices. All we do is evaluate at our first chance how large of an incident we have and the projected duration of impact on the traffic (minor <30 mins, moderate 30-60 mins, major >60 mins.) and notify MoDOT. If we need the help, they'll send out whatever equipment we need.

    If you want some more specific info, feel free to drop me an email or PM. You're doing a good thing and I commend you for it, it's a shame it had to be because of the circumstances you cited.

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