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    Default New Fire Service Book - Chicago Fire Patrol

    Hello brothers & fire buffs
    I am posting this thread to let everyone know about our just released book “The History of the Chicago Fire Insurance Patrol 1871-1959” This limited edition (1000 copies) hard cover book covers all aspects of the Chicago Fire Insurance Patrol. Topics covered include the Patrol’s stations, rigs, equipment, Patrol Chiefs, interviews with former Patrolmen, Line of Duty Deaths, documents, Patrol school and much more! Foreword by Hal Bruno, columnist from FIREHOUSE Magazine. This book has 384 pages and contains over 200 never before published photos with 48 pages of color photos. All books will be hand signed and numbered. For ordering information please visit our website at www.chicagofirepatrol.com
    Here are some recent comments by book purchasers:


    Received your long awaited book yesterday and it's more than I expected. It belongs in every fire fan's and firefighters library. Great job, Keith. Thanks again.
    Carl Fox

    Received the book yesterday. Excellent job. I have a lot of books relating to the fire service and I must say that this book is outstanding. Thanks again for the prompt shipment.
    Donald J. Ruland

    I just received my copy of the History of the Chicago Insurance Patrol and I must pass onto you both and everybody who worked on the book my outstanding praise for the book. I can only think of the long hours needed to make this book so great. Again, thank you for taking the time to write about this part of fire service history.
    Capt. William Burns

    Just wanted to tell you what a FANTASTIC BOOK this is that you put together. I've been collecting fire books for over 20 years now, and this is probably by-far one of the best books i have in my collection now. You did an unbelievable job, and should be very proud of your work.
    Stay safe Brother,

    Marc Dore'
    46 Engine

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    Default Pic of book cover

    Here is a pic of the book!!
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    Default Book review

    Matt Schumann President of the Fire Buffs of Illinois Organization has written a fine review of our book. Here it is:

    In 2007, a new book was self-published on the Chicago Fire Insurance Patrol by Keith Seafield and Michael Pack. The intent of the new volume, History of the Chicago Fire Insurance Patrol 1871-1959 was to provide a comprehensive written history of the Patrol that included its stations, its apparatus and most importantly, the men who served on the Patrol so that the history of this organization would not be lost. The result is a 388 page, hardcover 8 ˝ by 11 book that encompasses 14 chapters, lots of photos and a through review of all the parts of the Patrol that is well worth the purchase price.

    I personally have enjoyed picking the book up and reading through the various chapters and looking at the photos and illustrations as it has allowed me to read and understand what the Patrol was and how it operated. This book fully describes for the reader the purpose of the Patrol, what its duties were and how it was supported, in addition to the training, the daily practices and the apparatus of probably the largest private fire department within the Chicago City limits. For many, it was a stepping stone to service in many other fire departments, for others it was a career dedicated to preserving property from further damage and this unique role of the Patrol is really shown in the book. The history of the various Patrol companies is successfully presented with reflections of various individuals who served on the Patrols; various Patrol related documents and other outgrowths of the Patrol such as the 1933 Century of Progress Fire Department. This combination seems to successfully create a comprehensive, complete view of the Patrol during its existence in Chicago.

    When I look at the complete book, it seems to be a perfect complement to the current Chicago Fire Department Fire House History volumes that Ken Little and Fr. John McNalis have worked so hard to produce for us to enjoy. It seems that just as the Patrol worked hand in hand with the CFD, this new book works hand in hand with the Firehouse volumes and really deserves a spot on your shelf as it fills a similar role with a unique organization that helped Chicago for almost 90 years.

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