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    Default How many test?

    I was just wondering how many department and how many years it took people to get hired by a department. So far I have taken 5 test within a year. Im on some list but no offer yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoCougs View Post
    I was just wondering how many department and how many years it took people to get hired by a department. So far I have taken 5 test within a year. Im on some list but no offer yet.
    Not on the job yet but I'll add my experiences. I've taken 8 tests over the course of a year and a half. I'm still "in the process" of 2 of them, and am on the others list.

    Still, no offer means no job, so I could be on 100 lists and it won't mean anything to me until I get that call/letter.

    Keep chugging along and good luck bro.

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    It took 2 years and about 7 tests. It was tough to get hired in Minnesota since their are only a handful of FT depts.

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    Default It's not how many


    I have talked to people that have tested for years and had every cert and credential in the book and didnít get a job until they were 40. I have also talked to three guys this year that were under 20, two had EMT one didnít, all got 100% with L.A. city on their first test.

    The question really isnít how long or how many tests you have taken. The correct question is how long and how many tests did it take someone before they went into one prepared. There is a definite learning curve in testing, the more you take the better you will get, to a point. The problem is that we donít tell you where you did good, and were you need to improve. We give you an 86%, then you have to figure out what you did right and what needs improvement.

    Everyone seems to prepare for the physical agility test, they spend years investing in being physically fit. The written test is what it is and people prepare until they are confident they can pass. But for the oral interview, that is usually 100% of you score, most guys ďWing itĒ. ďIíll just wait and see what they ask and answer on the flyĒ. Let me be clear here, no one is good at oral interviews. It is a learned skill and as such you can speed up the learning curve by preparing.

    While every department has their own test, they all seem to be pretty similar. Even in other countries they ask pretty much the same stuff. I have people prepare for seven questions:

    1. Tell us a little about yourself

    2.Why do you want to be a firefighter?

    3.What have you done to prepare for the job of firefighter?

    4. Why do you want to work for this city, or agency?

    5. What is customer service, and how does it affect us in the fire service?

    6. What is ethnic diversity, and how does it affect us in the fire service?

    7. A closing statement?

    If you can go into an interview and know that you have well thought out, well planned, memorized answers to these questions, which you had memorized to the point you couldnít forget them, you could go into the interview and be you. That is the guy that is going to get you the job. I tell people that if you went into an interview and didnít want to work there, they would probably offer you a job, because you would be relaxed.

    Being comfortable and confident in yourself, helps us be comfortable and confident in offering you this job.

    By the way it took me three years and five tests. I knew everything and didnít do to well. When I finally listened to my dad, Capt Bob, I got hired on the next test. It turned out my dad wasnít as dumb as I thought. He seems to have gotten smarter every year Iíve gotten older.

    Good Luck, Capt Rob

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    I personally tested for 2 departments within about a year and was hired. But depending on the requirements of the department you may have better or worse luck. Our department requires that you be a paramedic to get hired, but not test. Thus, you may be at the bottom of the list, but if no one ahead of you is a paramedic, they are passed over when offerred the position. Find out what the departments are looking for. We have 60 FF's, and the list is not long.

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