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    Default Dash displacement for vehicle on it's side

    I was working some training with a rescue company the other day and we did a lot of work with the vehicle on it's side. Mostly beginner level operations and such (stabilization with struts, roof removal, etc...). When we finished I was looking at the vehicle (a generic mid size car) I was curious how one would diplace the dashboard on the lower (ground touching) side of the vehicle if required. The upper side could be done conventionally, but the lower side seemed like an interesting challenge.
    The only thing I could deduce was getting in the middle of the dash, cutting the straps to the transmission hump and trying to lift using the latteral bar behind the dash.
    Anyone have some techniques for this that they've used / seen work ? I fully intend to work on this next time I get a car available to do so, but I'd appreciate some insight and guidance beforehand. No need reinventing the wheel if I don't have to.

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    I believe from past posts regarding similar scenarios, that we are heading for the controlled roll back to wheels debate.

    Consider all the thinking, time consumption, and the possibility of failure or extreme complications.

    If its my family, i vote for patient stabilization and a controlled roll unless other circumstances prevent.

    I've waited for the green light to move a car on its wheels away from a tree to free the encapsulated foot of a seriously injured woman while what seemed like an hour was wasted on futile attempts from the passenger side. Finally, green light was given, patient held stable, car moved in about 1 minute, door popped and foot freed in a few additional minutes.

    sometimes we just waste too much time because someone, somewhere, at some point said "never" do something and we listened to them.

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    Thud..............Another one has figured it out.My time here is not wasted. T.C.

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    Well, just for the sake of discussion, assuming that you don't have the experience, equipment and have not practiced a controlled roll, I'll be brave and throw out a couple of ideas.

    Depending on the make of car, you may be able to get enough dash movement by "lifting" the top side of the dash.

    I don't know if you can get the movement you need without a relief cut, but you might be able to use chains on the A post to get some dash movement.

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    Not sure this is what you are talking about but we had a truck that planted itself into ditch/culvert on its driver side. The patient was not belted in and was on the drivers door with his legs under the seat. We secured the truck with our winch and some 4X4 poles. We removed the passenger door and windshield. Used a sawzall to remove most of the top of the truck. We had to take our ram and go from the back of the cab to the dash and push it apart to gain access to the patient. We didnt have to "roll" the dash because he was not under it. These pics are terrible ,camera had condensation on it.

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