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    If a member of a bachelor party arrives with a camera in my neck of the woods,he is treated as a spy for the wives and/or girlfriends until he takes the device back to his vehicle.Failure to do so results in his being uninvited to the soiree.We just can't take the chance someone not cleared to that security level might see the pictures.
    Have I ever been to Hooters while on the department dime for a fire school?As Ballou says in "The Jungle Book","You better believe it."
    We'd gone to one near Louisville since one of our members had just turned 18 and there weren't any Hooters restaraunts in our part of western Kentucky.There were plenty of hooters,just no Hooters.Know whut I mean,Vern?
    We walked in and he had his head into the screen on his phone text messaging his girlfriend and didn't not see how the hostesses were almost dressed.
    When "Tiffy" came to take our orders,he was still busy until she spoke to him and drew his attention.
    The expression on his face would have made a great"Got Milk?" ad.
    Now,on the advice of my legal counsel,I decline to answer further questions as my responses may tend to incriminate me.

    Quote Originally Posted by FWDbuff View Post
    How many times have I told you dumbasses "when you go out on a bachelor party, a perversion excursion or to hooters, (ESPECIALLY IN UNIFORM) you LEAVE THE CAMERA AT HOME!"

    whoever took the pictures needs to be flogged, and be sent back to Man-School for re-education.

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    What's NOT shown in the pictures posted are the ones of the Chief of the Department. I guess I should say...Ex-Chief of the Department.

    When they showed these photos on the local news channel, they had a little black line added in to block the girls eyes. Until that black line was added...I didn't even notice they had eyes.
    "This thread is being closed as it is off-topic and not related to the fire industry." - Isn't that what the Off Duty forum was for?

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