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Thread: College?

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    Being in the middle of this exact dilemma right now.

    I joined as a junior when I was 14, graduated high school as an Explorer, became a senior member of the department and went to college.

    It's rough, not running calls, hearing about them, trying to balance being home and at school so that you can achieve not only academic success but run calls at the same time.

    I finally figured out that while I have the rest of my life to fight fire, save lives, etc., I only have these four or so years to accomplish this.

    While it still pains me to miss calls, school is essential.

    I have missed out on many training opportunities due to school. In fact, I am missing the EMT-B course at home I have been wanting to take.

    Time goes on, but your chances at an education aren't always there.

    Go to college, rack up that debt, love it. I did.

    Or, go to college for an education in the field. Just don't get a big head because you have higher education in the field then your chief officers, I have seen it happen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FiftyOnePride View Post

    Time goes on, but your chances at an education aren't always there.
    That's exactly why I went ahead and went to school rather than waiting until later.
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    Default Something's Fishy Here

    Is there some reason why you posted this exact same question in five different threads? *sniff, sniff* I think I smell a rat!
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    Go to college. You need some sort of degree to fall back upon if fire fighting doesn't work out. Even if it does work you, you need some credentials to make it easier on yourself. My father explained it to me very clearly. It took him over 30 years to get the experience and classes racked up that equal the credibility of what someone gets by getting a college degree in 4 years.

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