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    Default Question regarding Psych Test

    I came across some post on 911Jobs.com regarding Psych Tests. One of the posts refers to the person failing his NYPD Psych test because he did not have the exact dates of employment for all of his prior employers when the Psycologist asked him for them during the oral portion. Has anyone experienced or know of this applying to FD Psych tests? I'm going to plan for this regardless so does anyone know exactly how to find this out? I'm thinking a call to the IRS or Social Security might do it? I'm going to try both tomorrow, I'll post what I'm told. In the mean time, any ideas?

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    Default Psych test

    I don't know how NY does their's but i had to take a psych test for my dept. The test was approx 1100 questions, a lot of the questions were the same just questioned differently. Any and I mean any discrepancies on the test; the psych will question you after the test. So be careful on how you answer b/c he'll be able to smell any b.s

    I would highly recommend if there are any questionable actions you've done in the past that you have a explanation behind it, everybody messes up so just fess up (if asked, don't voluntarily give info)

    Good Luck

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