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    Question Ideas for a ladder truck?

    OK, I was just curious about what kind of ladder would be ideal for us?
    Here is our town statistics:
    Population (Year-Round): 2,438
    Population (Summer): 3,129
    Tallest Building: 5 Stories (Church)
    Proposed Tallest Building: 6 Stories (Tenement)
    Calls: 200+ Annually
    Full Time Staffing: 1 Mon-Thurs
    Town Type: Rural/Sub-Urban
    Apparatus: 2 Engines, 1 Tanker, 1 Utility, 1 Off Road Rescue
    10 (12 Proposed) Paved Roads
    About 90 Gravel Roads
    Closest Ladders: 1991 Pierce (10 Minutes), 1959 Maxim (30 Minutes), 1972 Seagrave (30 Minutes), 1994 Pierce (30 Minutes), 1964 Maxim (45 Minutes), 1987 Pierce Tower (45 Minutes).
    That's all, what do you think?

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    Have you looked at tower ladder? 6 stories, how close will you be able to get? This may require 100'. Having all ladders around you a tower would be a great fit. We run an 87' tower ladder we have straight aerials on sides of us so they compliment each other greatly.

    What brands are you looking at? We found Smeal was good as we where able to get the tower at the same price as others straight ladders.

    Good luck.

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    If you really need one, there are plenty older ones across the area. Castleton, VT is running a '72 Maxim, a nice truck. You should be able to get in to one for under $100,000 that is less than 25 years old.
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    Holy four year old thread Batman...
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    Quote Originally Posted by BoxAlarm187 View Post
    Holy four year old thread Batman...
    Yea, lol, I didn't notice the date!!!

    Oh well!

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    Surely this far in the future, we should have something better then a ladder...

    Just get a five story fit five.
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