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    Default Mini pump vs full size pump

    Anybody have any input here? We are in the process of purchasing new tools and the mini pumps sure are nice. My brain is just havinig an issue with the fact that the minis will perform as sell as the full size...maybe it's just the weight and horsepower thing. In demos I can not seem to see much difference other than the oil gets warmer faster with the mini.

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    Default mini pump

    With a mini pump you may not be able to use larger tools such as a ram due to limited fluid reservor on the mini pump. Many of the mini pumps are designed only for combi tool & cutters not full size spreaders or rams which take more fluid to operate.
    Also working extreme cold conditions the smaller pumps seem to be affected by the cold more then the full size pumps are. I have had good luck with the mid sized personal power units that holmetro sells, the problems I have encountered have been on the smaller units.
    George Bassler

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    We have both big and mini. Our mini will run all the tools. Down side is it can only operate one tool at a time, but 2 can be connected at the same time. The big pump is a true simo-pump. 2 tools connected and both can be operated at the same time. On the big pump each tool has its own connection so if need be a tool can be changed out without affecting the others operation.
    IACOJ - Senior Jake

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    Both have the same power but the small one will be slower and with long ram it maybe have not enough oil for operate

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