I know this debate has probably been discussed before however my department is now researching this issue and needs HARD FACTS. I am looking for help/information on the following issues.

1) Departments running CAFS Mini-pumpers first out to all calls including structure fires, EMS, and MVA's. Likes/Dislikes? Cost Savings? Equipment carried on the apparatus? Issues your department has found/addressed?

2) Departments running CAFS Rescue-pumpers first out to all calls including structure fires and MVA's. Same questions at #1.

Please, I'm asking for facts only. We are a rural on-call dept. with 3 stations covering 144 sq. miles. We run approximately 8-900 calls a year so if your department is similar that would help even more. Also feel free to e-mail me at trailfreek@msn.com if this post is clear as mud.

Thank you all for your help.