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    Default Helmet Cam SOP/SOGs

    Hello All,

    Apologies if this is the wrong forum...

    We have several FFs who have helmet cameras. I have been tasked with writing SOPs for their operation.

    A couple of main points we have determined so far:

    1. Main purpose is call review/training.
    2. May help with investigations (arson).
    3. Video gathered on scene is the property of the FD.
    4. Only those with HIPAA training (EMTs/First Responders) allowed to use cameras.
    5. Any video taken on scene is reviewable by FD administration and can be sequestered if it is likely to be used as evidence.
    6. Video is not distributed or shared without prior administration approval.

    If anyone has SOPs/SOGs for helmet cams, I would appreciate a copy.

    I will gladly share whatever we put into service.

    Regards, Chris

    Lt FF/EMT-B
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    Default Helmet Cam SOGs in service

    They are now approved by administration and in service. No guarantees that they will work in your area/state/province but they are a place to start. I will provide copies if anyone wishes.


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    Two of our members received the helmet cams for x-mas. We are trying to get admin to allow the use of them on incidents. I'd like a copy of your guidelines if possible.

    You can e-mail them to bohobbs1969@yahoo.com

    Thank you


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    We have a couple of FF too, can you send it to dwayne.aalseth@wgint.com Thanks D

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    You posted the same question on Nov 20 and had some pretty good replies.


    What exactly are you looking for?
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    I too am requesting a copy .............. I also emailed you directly ..........did you get it Chris ? Did any of you get a copy ? If I dont hear from Chris can someone else send me them ?
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