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    Default Firefighter Family Tragedy in Glamis, CA

    This was posted today @ www.lacountyfire.com
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    From FirePoliceMX.com:

    The daughter of Los Angeles County Firefighter/Engineer Marcus Bestwick (Samantha 14) and the son of Los Angeles County Firefighter Marco Gonzalez (Jacob 9) lost their lives in Glamis. Also, the Daughter of Gonzalez (Amanda 16) is on life support in Phoenix, AZ. Both of them worked at Los Angeles County Fire Station 4 with myself, Ed Niemela, Mike Leckliter, Ozzie Cuevas, Pat Scanlon and Mike Wright (all one time FPMXers) Bestwick was promoted and is at LA County FS 156 now. Bestwick and Gonzalez both raced with us last year at Glen Helen Raceway.

    If you would like to donate any amount of money to help pay for funeral and other expenses please PayPal to firepolicemx@aol.com 100% of the donations will go to these families from the FPMX through the F&A Federal Credit Union accounts that will be set up soon.

    The kids were waiting for a train to pass, when it passed they proceeded across the tracks and were hit by another train coming in the opposite direction.

    It is a tragic time for these families and friends. It is sad times at Los Angeles County Fire Station 4 right now and many others who know the Gonzalez and Bestwick families.

    Please find it in your heart to donate.


    __________________________________________________ __________
    From KXO Radio:

    Monday, 19 November 2007
    (Two out of County children are killed and one seriously injured Saturday)….Officials say the three were in a Yamaha Rhino Saturday attempting to cross the railroad tracks at Highway 78 near Glamis, CA.

    The driver, a 15 year old from Norco, California, waited for one train to pass, but then went around the crossing guard. A southbound train hit the Rhino, dragging it an estimated one half mile. The 15-year-old female driver was pronounced dead at the scene. A 9-year-old male passenger was flown to a San Diego area hospital, where he reportedly died from his injuries. Another 15-year-old female was flown to a Phoenix Hospital. She is reported in critical condition. The 9 year old and injured girl are reportedly brother and sister, from Glendora, California. No names were released for any of the victims.
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    more info at glamisdunes.com http://www.glamisdunes.com/invision/...owtopic=121819


    firepolicemx.com http://p207.ezboard.com/Tragic-news/...cID=5492.topic
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    What a horrible tragedy.

    My deepest condolences to the Bestwick and Gonzalez families and LA County Fire.

    Sleep with angels, Samantha and Jacob.

    Keep fighting, Amanda!

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    Wow, this is terrible news. Rest in peace Samantha and Jacob. One can only hope for the best possible outcome for young Amanda. Your all in my prayers.
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