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    Default Ladder evac

    I heard there are some videos online on how to jump out of a 2nd or 3rd story window and land head first on the ladder and slide down in case of emargancy. My search however has turned up nothing. Do any of you know where I would be able to find these?

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    Default ladder bails

    YouTube search resulted in this one:

    It's a great basic bail. Hook that first arm so you don't kill yourself. I'd prefer to see this training done with safety lines and full PPE (including SCBA) to really give you a good feel for it.

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    Default Head First Bailout

    I'm not certain you will find a video on this but our department often holds training sessions in how to accomplish this. We utilize an indoor window that is the same height as a residential two story, 28' ladder at a much less angle than used for climbing and a belay line for safety.

    I've done this drill several times and getting out of the window seems to be the most difficult. The slide down the ladder is not bad and the only other thing to remember is deciding when to turn around by grabbing one rung and swinging your body weight around so that your now standing on the ladder. I would recommend doing this closer to the ground in case you misjudge the swing.
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    This is not a skill to learn by watching a video. It needs hands on training by a competent instructor. I know of a couple of guys who have broken their wrists doing this the wrong way.

    This video is a slide show of the FD next to mine. The end of the show is the technique you are asking about.
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    yea just goto youtube and seach for ladder bailouts, or firefighter training, or something along that line.
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    Here are some, I just went to youtube and searched for "FF LADDER BAILS".

    Try different vairiations of that search and you should get alot of related videos.
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