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    Unhappy Drug use in the past?

    Iam a 27 year old SGT in Baghdad Iraq right now. Upon my return to the states I will be leaving the army to persue my dream of becoming a firefighter. I have never been in trouble for drugs but did some partying when I was younger and tried some drugs. Mistake, but will this get in the way of being a firefighter. Thanks for the advice.

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    In fact, if a department refused to hire people who honestly admitted to having experimented with alcohol or marijuana they would have few candidates to choose from. Prior minor use should not be counted against you. But, if you admit that you have, it might.

    Extensive use does raise questions. If you admitted to experimenting with marijuana 200 times will certainly raise a red flag. Experimenting with cocaine or methamphetamine is much more serious. Stating that you never used anything can raise questions. But if you never have experimented with drugs, don’t feel that you need to say anything.

    If you occasionally drink alcohol and get drunk on your birthday and at a barbeque last summer, that is one thing. But if you’re getting hammered a couple nights a week and on weekends, this will raise some questions.

    How this will play out is they will ask you on the application, background packet and the psychological interview if you “have ever” in many different ways. If you don’t reveal it and they find out you will be eliminated from the process.

    So what drugs did you use and how many times?

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    Sgt- I am not as much as an expert on the subject as the people are above. But your situation to me appears to be a small one. You can present the past as a small one time bit of history. It sounds like you did it in just a small window and bettered yourself afterwards.

    It was once told to me- "Time is on your side" and I think this little window in your past could look smaller as time passes.

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