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    Wow, an insurance/health care hijack of a thread. Let's see some more make-up pictures...
    I fish for a living, but I have to work for money...

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    Quote Originally Posted by scfire86 View Post
    I never said their system was better. You make the assumption that any system adopted here will mirror the worst aspects of the health care systems in other countries.

    Judging from what I've seen of how the welfare system can be played,I'm not all that anxious to see government paid healthcare.
    The Dems better hope more people become millionaires so the system can be paid for.

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    One system that seems pretty good from friends I have spoken to is Australia. As far as I can gather, its a combination govt health care and private insurance. I think people have the right to buy extra insurance coverage to up the quality or choice of care they receive. This is only second hand info so maybe some of our down under friends can comment.
    I do think that bankrupting an entire family for illness reasons is completely unacceptable.

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