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    Default Different careers available in the FDNY

    ...Happy Thanksgiving first off to everyone
    Im a new member to this forum and i have a few questions that i cant seem to get a straight answer to...
    I am a volunteer on long island and ive only been in for a few months but i love it...my dream is to be in the FDNY since i was about 7....but i missed the test so i have to wait until it comes around again..so in the mean time im most likely going to suffolk community college for fire protection technology and i am just wondering what kind of jobs are out there that i can get with this degree....i would rele like to get in the arson investigation field but thats all i can rele find so i wana kno wat other jobs there are.....thank you for your time and feel free to email me @ mustangmurph20@aim.com

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    Default This is my suggestion

    First off, good luck. If you have a dream, stick with it and lay out a road map to how you are going to achieve it

    As for a ďdegreeĒ, Iím not sure of the curriculum at your community college, but I doubt itís a degree, but more likely a certification. Thereís a big difference to an employer.

    To get your feet wet, Iíd look to find a well respected arson investigation company in your area that you might be able to intern with. Pay is pretty low; youíre basically a grunt working for the actual investigator. But itís a start and will get you into fire scene examinations. These companies usually work for insurance companies after fires.

    Lastly, while youíre taking classes at the community college take a class on writing. Iím not sure if your writing here is just the casual style associated with texting / e-mail, etc. but it does not make a good impression Ė Iím sorry, but for me to be honest with you; I have to point this out. As a fire investigator, you will be writing a lot of reports and I mean a lot of reports. If you have trouble spelling (like I do) use spell check. Get out of the habit of sending every message like itís a text mail from a cell phone. Your reports will be used again and again in court and they reflect your level of professionalism.

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