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    Default Ambulance hit while responding

    I hope everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving. Last night while responding to a med run my ambualnce got t-boned by a drunk driver while proceeding through an intersection. All in all, there were 6 cars involved... with a total of 12 patients, 6 of which went to the hospital... including me. The guy hit my door... and knocked me around a bit. Fortunately I had my seatbelt on... like I always do... My partner is fine... I'm still a little shaken up and my back is out of whack... but otherwise we're ok. I'm still waiting to see if the other driver got a DUI... but knowing the pd in my area you can get away with murder and no one will do anything about it. Be safe out there guys!

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    Sorry to hear about the crash, glad to hear you came out of the ordeal unscathed for the most part. Hope you have a quick recovery and get back on the job soon bro.

    Thanks for sharing and the fact you were belted in probably saved from much greater injuries. Take care and stay safe brother!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bfdpipeman View Post
    ... but knowing the pd in my area you can get away with murder and no one will do anything about it. Be safe out there guys!

    Sounds like we work in the same city......they call us for every little B.S. thing, but not for anything serious.

    Glad to hear you're OK from your accident.
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    glad that you are doing ok,it could have been worse.and you had your seat belt,great point.

    i wish you a speedy recovery.take care.
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    Good to hear your ok. Hopefully the little s**t will get what he deserves.
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    HOLY *****!
    Glad to hear you are OK Bro.

    If PD don't file any charges, let us know.

    I'm sure a few of us would be more then happy to give this Mutt a tune up

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