I am currently enrolled in Paramedic school in Miami-Dade. I have a serious problem about my background. I was arrested for petty theft when I was 19 and had my adjudication withheld. I then had that record sealed. Also in 2004-2005 I was in the Army for 1 year when I failed a drug test for cocaine and was discharged with a General (under honarable conditions). My dd214 says misconduct on it and gives a seperation code of JKK (for drug use). I was young and away from home for the first time and am trully embarassed by these situations. Since then I have held several professional licenses and even run my own business. I have not used drugs since and am trying to get my discharge upgraded. I just want to know if I am wasteing my time trying to persue my goal of becoming a firefighter because of my past mistakes. Also, if my discharge is upgraded to honarable, wont a background still show the problems I encountered in the military? Thanks your your help