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    hey everyone,
    recently my fire dept. got a new arial, it is the second new truck in the last two years(our first one was a tanker). just wondering if anyone else has gotten anything new lately?

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    Smile trucks


    No "truck" but this year my dept took delivery of an engine and a tender/tanker. Try the links below:
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    Yeah, four pieces each year, two pumpers, a tanker and a aerial platform.

    next year probably the same...

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    Default Fyi

    In case you haven't heard already, water trucks are no longer called "tankers." They are now being referred to as "tenders." "Tankers" are airplanes carrying water.

    To reply to your thread, though, my company has bought a new Chief's vehicle this year and we have gotten rid of our old Assistant Chief's vehicle, which was a 1989 Ford Bronco. The Assistant Chief has received the old Chief's vehicle, a 2000 Dodge Durango R/T. I forget what exactly our new Chief's vehicle is, but I know it's a new Dodge pickup in which we added the bed cover for all the Chief's equipment. As of 2008 we are going to try and get a new bursh truck since our supply brush truck's engine pretty much died this year and then in 2009 we are going to try and get a new first-due engine, a new pumper to replace the old one we have now. Maybe it'll be a closed cab so during the colder months it won't be freezing back there when we're responding.

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