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    Default Paragraph subject titles???

    I've written a lot of grants over the past 5 years, and I'm having this debate in my head:

    I usually write based on each requirement (Project Description, Financial Need, Cost Benefit, etc). After writing each section, should I just paste them together, or would it be more helpful to include a section title for each?


    Project Description

    ProjectProjectProjectProjectProjectProjectProjectP roject

    Cost Benefit

    BenefitBenefitBenefitBenefitBenefitBenefitBenefitB enefit

    Pros: It details exactly where I'm going to talk about the required information

    Cons: It might focus the peer reviewer to look only in that section for, say, cost benefit.

    Any opinions??

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    I have always included headings in my narratives. It not only differentiates each section, but the PR will know that each section of the narrative has been included.

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    I always use titles for sections and always use the exact wording you find in the guidance. I have always been told in grant seminars and in this forum that using section titles and the exact wording is the right thing to do. It allows for the reviewer, who looks at numerous grants a day, to focus in on certain aspects of your grant narrative and find an answer to a question they may have without looking through your entire narrative. If you look at the FP grant that is out currently just above the narrative section they practically give you the subject titles they are looking for. I think the object is to make it easy to read and find the information they want.

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    Default My 2 Cents Worth

    As a former (and soon to be current peer reviewer) it is my personal opinion that it is much more helpful to include a section title for each.

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    What they said. Amen.


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    If a peer reviewer must first determine if each grant does talk about each of the required elements, it only makes sense to allow him/her to scan your narrative and quickly determine that this grant does in fact contain each element required. I other words, be sure the guy knows that "this is one I have to read for sure".
    Kurt Bradley
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