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    Default Moving to Colorado

    I am soon going to be graduating both the Fire Science program that I am in, and college with 2 degrees and I am looking to move out to Colorado from Wisconsin after graduating. I will have a bachleors in Communications, and a Associate in Fire Science. I will be cerifitied in FF1, NIMS, EMT-B, Fire Inspector, HAZMAT, C-PAT, and Driver/Operator. All certifications will be earned in Wisconsin. My questions are the following. First will these certifications have any qualifications in Colorado. Would I have to redo this certifications to be qualified in Colorado. How do I go about appplying to the Denver fire dept, or an area dept close by such as Boulder. Any knowledge would be of great help. Thanks

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    If your certs have an IFSAC seal you shouldn't have any problems; you'll need to contact the Division of Fire Safety at 720-852-6735 and speak to them about reciprocity. They'll charge you a fee for each cert you want.

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    Default Additional departments to look at


    Parker Fire Protection District is a great department that is growing fast. South Metro Fire Rescue is another. Many departments in Colorado are growing the Colorado Division of Fire Safety has a complete list of departments. It really depends on what you are looking for in a department.

    Good luck with your move.
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