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    Hi, I'm a freshmen in high school, and I'm doing a project on how being a firefighter effects your family. I am the daughter of a fireman and have some experience with the topic, but I am looking for more variety. I was wondering if you could tell me about how your job effects your children, spouse, parents, ect. Anything you could tell me would be very helpful, and just so you know I will be using a lot of this in my paper. Thanks so much!

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    It depends on whether you are paid firefighter or volunteer firefighter on how it effects the family life.. Most paid firefighters have a set schedule so family disruption is a minimum - only responds to call while at work - for the most part - but will work holidays and birthdays at least once in a while depending on their shift schedule. The Volunteer firefighter family disruptions is almost a daily occurance since you never know when the alarm or pager will go off for a call. I grew up in volunteer department with my father being Fire chief for 27 years.. I can remember numerous times dad not be home for meal times, leaving during church services, missing birthdays party's, holiday celebrations. A lot of times family life gets put on hold when the alarm sounds... Being in the department myself, I know many of plans have been changed, not taken place because we got a structure fire 10 minutes before we were suppose to leave or vehicle accident with entrapment going to the event.. Not to mention the stress of certain calls that plays on our emotions and your family doesnt know quiet while daddy or mommy is so sad because someone they didnt know died or was seriously hurt..

    And don't forget time spent away for training and maintenance and doing fund raisers to raise money for the department were they dont have taxes to pay for trucks and equipment... This on top of you normal regular job whatever that you may do.

    When my kids were younger - they were disappointed daddy wasnt home for certian things, but as they got older and came to the station to help with clean up they loved it.. They also enjoyed watching daddy on scene at times because they were along when the call came in (wife was there too). My wife has been angry at times when plans that we been planning for months were ruined when a call came in 5 to 15 minutes before we were suppose to leave and I returned 3 hours later... But for the most part they are understanding in what I do.

    I hope this helps and let us know how you did on your paper...
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