I rejoined the forums after a 6 year hiatus. Found my old profile (no idea what that password or email address was), I had forgotten about it. Funny looking back at my old stuff, and God I was a little retarded idiot, only had 5 or 6 years of volunteer experience, but spoke my mind like I knew it all. And these forums were a lot smaller.

Since then I went to Iraq, got out of the Army, moved back to Pennsylvania in pursuit of a fire job, moved back to Texas on the bidding's of my wife, got my Texas TCFP cert, got hired in Texas, and wow, hopefully matured a bit.

So who do I talk to about getting my 180+ posts credited to me so I can stop waiting for moderator approval for my posts?

I see these people are still around.

So any talk about MUTTS still? That was our big thing back then, we were going to get a group together and hunt them down. Ha!

Well anyways, this was me, Drewbo, check out the stupid stuff I used to think. Good to be back.