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    Default Water rescue training

    Does anyone have skill proficiency sheets for Ops and Tech level dealing with Water Rescue/Swift water/Ice rescue that they would want to share?

    I want to incorporate this into our Water rescue division so I have records that each team member has demonstrated proficiency in these three disciplines.

    Thanks in advance

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    Well I dont know if this help our not. But we have members do the following:
    -15 min tread water test
    -Swim 100m with a PFD within 5 mins.(Long Time)
    -Tie all of the Rescue Knots.
    -Dive to 10' feet while waering a PFD getting a weight on the bottom.
    The 1st 3 are simply a pass/fail. The Dive is just to see if they can do it or not.
    They then write an Exam with 75% pass mark.

    But when it comes down to ICE/WATER we keep it the same. In my opionion and only mine the 2 are the same if you fall through the Ice and the chances are you will if youre in GO method youll end up in water.

    The difference is that its cold and you will be wearing a Ice Exposure suit, Tied off to rope. (Thats how we do it) Pt contact is treated pretty much the same. But no sense in putting someone in the water for trainig our letting them be part of a TRT if they cant swim well.

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