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    Default Seattle Fire Dept Test

    Anybody sign up for the Seattle test?

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    Default Seattle Testing

    I took the test last year. Testing was at the U of W and was packed. Upon passing, there was no recording at the two initial oral boards, but they were administered by a board of three panel firefighters. The testing agency takes the written, and both oral board scores, which are all compiled together into a final ranking score, and then forwards the top 25% to Seattle Fire for further consideration. After that I went through a battery of psychological exams, the CPAT, a couple more oral boards and interview-based reviews of previous tests. I didn't make the first recruit class of 15 and am still waiting to see if I still make the anticipated second recruit class. Regardless, I am taking the written again this January. Make no mistake... you have to really want this job to invest the time and effort, against such odds. The Seattle Times did an article on how difficult it is to get into SFD, as they accept less than 1% of all applicants... fewer than Harvard, West Point, and Julliard. You can find more info at www.seattlefirejobs.com Good luck, but don't you take my job

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