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    Default doing a report on "the station" R.I. nightclub fire


    I'am an aspiring firefighter currenly enrolled in a firescience program in my community and and i need some advice. any help for my problem will be useful im taking a fire suppression class and as part of our final we are required to do a group report and our group was chosen to cover "the station night club fire in rhode island" i have found lots of information over all the matters of the fire. but i cannot find out anything about what types of policies and procedures the fire dept followed that night. this is something that has to be covered but iam stuck can anyone help me. somethings that would be useful would be what lines were pulled how many companys were there things of that sort. thanks for any help.

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    I did a report on this recently. Email me and I will send you the report I did. It may have some links that may be useful hopefully.


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