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    Default 21 year old in the DFW area

    Trying to make my first posts on the forum, but it seems none of my posts are showing up. It says the moderators have to review my post first, but then nothing seems to ever happen. Testing it out again here.

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    Hi, and welcome to the forums! I'm new here myself and thought the same thing. Don't worry, after your first few posts, you will be able to post without a moderator having to manually approve your posts.

    Have a great day and once again, welcome!

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    Me too. It's been several days, nearly a week, since I signed on to this site and my posts still haven't showed up. I'm replying here kind of as a test. Hopefully they'll start showing up soon. O_O

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    Default Trying to post...

    New to "Firehouse" and trying to post threads and replies with no success. Hope this works.

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