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    Default Building pre-plans

    I am looking for some pre plan forms from other depts to start doing building pre plans in my coverage area. I would like some ideas on what others are doing. I would like somthing I can just go back in and change on the computer if I need to update or reprint. Open to ideas though thanks

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    Try developing a program with Microsoft Access. I use this for my Fire Inspection Database and report writting. My next goal is to create a pre-plan module with MS Access. But that will have to wait until I get all buildings in my database with fire inspection info. But, suggested info would be as follows:

    1. Property Address and Cross Street
    2. Owner Name and Address
    3. Emergency Contact Name and Address
    4. Construction Type
    5. Number of Stories
    6. Occupancy Type
    7. Use Group
    8. Fire Protection System (Not Protected, Full Wet Pipe, Full Dry Pipe, etc....)
    9. Fire Detection System (Not Protected, Full Smoke/Heat, Local Only, etc...)
    10. Key Box (Yes/No)
    11. Hydrant Locations
    12. Electrical Shutoff Location
    13. Gas Shutoff Location
    14. Hazardous Materials Stored (Yes/No)
    15. Name of Hazardous Materials
    16. MSDS Available (Yes/No)
    17. Hazards
    18. Additional Notes
    19. Date Created
    20. Date Modified

    These are just a few I can think of off the top of my head. Have you tried looking in the Fire Inspection and Code Enforcement IFSTA manual?

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    Default Pre-Plan Information

    Please see attached file for our pre-plan data that comes from our inspection system. If you would like more information email me at wsmith@fairfieldnj.org

    William Smith
    Fire Marshal
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