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    Default Blue Light Permit

    As long as i have been a member i have never gotten a clear answer about wether or not you can have red and blue lights in the rear of your vehicle. I have heard yes you can and no you cant from different members. Some of our members have just blue, blue and amber in the back and others have blue and red in the back. Im just wondering if anyone knows the actual statue involving bluelight permits and where i could find it to see it for myself.

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    A blue light permit is only for blue lights. There is NO law or regulation that in any way allows firefighters to utilize flashing red or amber lights facing any direction on a personal vehicle. These are signed by the chief and do not expire.

    A separate permit exists for flashing red lights and a siren. They are only for (5) officers per department. These are signed by the chief and renewed every year in June.

    A personal vehicle used by a actual member of a fire-police group may use flashing red lights ONLY when stationary and engaged in traffic control operations.

    A separate permit exists for flashing amber lights and that permit has nothing to do with firefighters. I don't know a single person with a legitimate use for amber lights that actually has a permit. It is a permit that is overlooked and ignored for the most part. It must be renewed every year in June.

    So bottom line, all the hearsay about being allowed to use flashing red and/or amber lights to the rear is exactly that... HEARSAY.
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    It is not legal to have red lights facing the rear of the vehicle when responding to an emergency unless you are a chief officer and have the appropriate permit(Not sure why you want warning behind you anyway) I believe it used to be legal. Until a few years ago when the law was updated and that was only because the law was written poorly. The exemption for fire police in a stationary vehicle has been left in the statutes for red lights. If you owuld like to read everything here is the link: http://www.cga.ct.gov/2005/pub/Chap2...#Sec14-96p.htm

    (c) Flashing lights are prohibited on motor vehicles other than school buses, except (1) as a means for indicating a right or left turn, (2) flashing blue lights used by members of volunteer or civil preparedness fire companies, as provided by subsection (b) of section 14-96p, (3) on certain emergency and maintenance vehicles by written permit from the commissioner, (4) flashing or revolving yellow lights on (A) wreckers registered pursuant to section 14-66, or (B) vehicles of carriers in rural mail-delivery service or vehicles transporting or escorting any vehicle or load or combinations of vehicles or vehicles and load which is or are either oversize or overweight, or both, and operated or traveling under a permit issued by the Commissioner of Transportation pursuant to section 14-270, (5) flashing red lights (A) on a motor vehicle accommodating fifteen or fewer handicapped students used only during the time such vehicle is stopped for the purpose of receiving or discharging such handicapped students, (B) used by members of the fire police on a stationary vehicle as a warning signal during traffic directing operations at the scene of a fire, (C) on rescue vehicles, (D) used by chief executive officers of emergency medical service organizations as provided in subsection (a) of section 14-96p, (E) ambulances, as defined in section 19a-175, or (F) used by local fire marshals or directors of emergency management, (6) flashing green lights used by members of volunteer ambulance associations or companies as provided in subsection (c) of section 14-96p, or (7) flashing white lights or flashing lights of other colors specified by federal requirements for the manufacture of an ambulance used in conjunction with flashing red lights or flashing head lamps and a flashing amber light on an ambulance responding to an emergency call. The prohibitions in this section shall not prevent the operator of a motor vehicle who while traveling on a limited access divided highway, because of the grade, is unable to maintain the minimum speed of forty miles per hour, or who while traveling on any other highway is operating such motor vehicle at such slow speed as to obstruct or endanger following traffic, or the operator of a disabled vehicle stopped on a hazardous location on the highway, or in close proximity thereto, from flashing lights, installed on the vehicle primarily for other purposes, in any manner that the operator selects so as to indicate that such vehicle is traveling slowly, obstructing traffic or is disabled and is a hazard to be avoided. The commissioner is authorized, at such commissioner's discretion, to issue special permits for the use of flashing or revolving lights on emergency vehicles, on escort vehicles and on maintenance vehicles, provided any person, firm or corporation other than the state or any metropolitan district, town, city or borough shall pay an annual permit fee of two dollars for each such vehicle, provided vehicles not registered in this state used for transporting or escorting any vehicle or load or combinations of vehicles or vehicles and load which is or are either oversize or overweight, or both, when operating under a permit issued by the Commissioner of Transportation pursuant to section 14-270, shall not require such permit. Such annual permit fee shall be twenty dollars.

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