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    Default Santa Monica hiring process...

    Anyone else starting the hiring process with Santa Monica, the test is next Tuesday, the 11th. Anyone have the inside scoop? Know what kind of test it will be? How many positions are open, how many they are planning on hiring? I've been searching all over online and can't find any info.

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    I'm in the process too. Haven't found out much, though. Anyone???

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    Default Santa Monica

    I believe they only have 1 or 2 positions to fill. It was posted on one of the job websites.

    I took this test several years ago. They sent us a booklet with everything that was on the written test. If I remember it correctly, having firefighting knowledge did not help because the information in the booklet was purposely altered. For example, the study guide might say that an extension ladder should be a minimum of 8 rungs above the side of the building. We all know this is not the norm. The whole point was memorization and paying attention to the reading material provided.

    The written was in a huge room with about 400 people. If you scored 70% it was off to the agility and then interviews. They had 2 firefighters and 1 from HR. Basic questions like tell us about yourself, strengths, what you know about Santa Monica Fire Dept.

    Hope this helps,


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