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    Default What to do next?

    Hi guys,

    Sorry to be a pain, but Im brand new here and noticed a lot of posts similar to mine. Im having a hard time finding some good answers though. I am graduating from UMass in the spring 2008, and I am concerned with what to do next in order to pursue my dream of being a firefighter. The diploma has nothing to do with firefighting, however I have been on a student volunteer force for 2 years and an EMT/B , and know I definitely want this. I didnt learn as much as I wanted on the student Force because I was real busy.

    Im from a suburb near Boston, and would kill to be a Boston Firefighter but I would be happy with anything (surrounding towns and cities). I am looking into either paramedic school or maybe enlisting, (I have been hearing things about Dpt. of Defense Fire Academy or CG Fire?) Should I look to get certified in other things?

    I guess what Im asking is advice and stories on how you went about becoming a FireFighter after you decided on what you wanted to do. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Guys

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    Did you happen to read any of the posts that you found "similar to mine"?

    Do we really have to re-hash it out for you?
    Maybe I'm just having a bad day, but did you try the "Search" function located just a little midway to the right of the screen here?

    Sorry, just a little off today.
    If you are graduating with a degree, have you considered going officer corp for any of the branches? Their lifestyle tends to be a little better than most grunts/enlisted personnel.

    This internet has been a wondertool for a lot of people in your shoes in trying to get started in a career. However your fingers do have to do some walking.
    Go here: www.aspiringfirefighters.com
    Here: www.eatstress.com
    and here: www.firecareers.com and www.firerecruit.com
    to get started.

    Good luck,

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    First things first, start applying. Not going to get anywhere unless you apply.

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