If any of you get the Reader's Digest with any regularity, you may have read the story about Buffalo firefighter Donald Herbert, who awoke from a 10 year coma, talked for 16 hours straight with his family and who ever else was near and looked like he was on his road to a full recovery only to be felled by pneumonia in the end. I found this story to be a real heart breaker of the first magnitude. While I have not had the privilege of meeting this man or any other Buffalo Firefighter, I do have nothing but admiration for the Buffalo Fire Department as well as any other FD for all that they do and put up with. It was so saddening to learn that this gentleman who seemed to be on the way to recovery got felled by pneumonia. I really feel for his family and for the Buffalo Fire Department he left behind. I think everyone involved deserves a Medal of Valor for the fight they put up with to get Mr. Herbert back. God bless them all and the BFD.