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    Default recruitment websites, California.

    i've been searching for an hour. i KNOW there is a thread asking about recruitment websites... but i can't find any! well, not for my area, anyway.

    is there anyone that can give me a list of websites for depts in california?? or at least direct me to the correct thread in this forum? sites i have so far:


    there are more, that i have found, but some seem a bit shady.

    also. i remember a site that had a list of smaller, california departments. you submit your info only once and all the departments on their list ONLY hire from that site. i thought that sounded interesting.

    any help would be appreciated. thanks, guys!

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    kaj, any luck with that site?

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    Best one I have found- www.firerecruit.com

    Second best one I have found- www.firecareers.com

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