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Thread: RIT Pack

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    Default RIT Pack

    Anyone know of a RIT pack thats better than another. We are just starting to get into making RIT packs and just a general overview of what kind to get would be a helpful start, and then once we get that done some of your opinions on what all to incorporate into one RIT pack would be helpful.

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    Default Rit Pack

    Several of the departments in my area agreed to use a pack made by survivair regardless of their scba brand. This pack will hold 1 60 minute cylinder,300 ft of 8mm rope, a flashlight, scba mask w/buddy breather hose and various other items such as door chocks and wire cutters.

    Hope this helps,


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    I would highly recommend the True North bags for price, options and warranty. Email me for more information jason@jbrescue.com.
    Jason Brooks
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