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    This is my first post so take it easy guys. Im 22 and graduating from college next semester(business major) but within the last couple of years I have decided I want to be a firefighter. Next semester im taking only 2 classes to finish my major and I also enrolled at a local community college for my EMT. I see posts about getting a FF1 and 2 cert. I was wondering where I could get these. I realize I should prob know the answer to this question but I dont so thats why im asking. In addition this summer Im getting my rescue diver cert. I have everything I need leading up to this so its just one more step. I realize that paramedics have a better chance of getting the job than do EMTs but I cant afford 2 more years of school maybe in the future I will get it. Is there anything else you guys would recomend to better my chances
    Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance
    Jim K.

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    I 'm not sure which particular department you're trying to hire on with but some FD will actually train you to become a EMT B, I, A. The FD I'm with requires you to be a EMT B but that's part of our academy, so when you graduate you'll have the certification. Cadets with an EMT certification already are way ahead of the curve. As for the FF certifications, I believe some community colleges offer courses as well.

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