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Thread: SCBA mask fog?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JCA1386 View Post
    wait until you get to the front door and your going to make entry. No need to mask up en route. IF you do that your chances of missing someone hanging out a window,seeing a car,or noticing powerlines etc...are limited. Add to that fact that you may go on air sooner than your nozzleman or officer, therefore requiring the team to exit sooner because you can't put your mask on at the right time.....
    Have always put my mask on en route and had none of the problems you mentioned. Our masks aren't opaque, maybe that's why.

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    Where I work, we have two types of the face masks, one scott that has a lower nose bridge and one that has a higher one. I would try to see if any of your apparatus has the higher one, I have found that to be better. also make sure you get fit tested as well. Mine fogs up if I don't get the right type, so I give it a little air and it cleans up. Another thing is that if you are taking it from a very warm truck/engine and then out in freezing temps and vice versa it is gonna happen.

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    Our masks aren't opaque, maybe that's why.

    They get their mask dirty and leave it that way to have that crusty look to it
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    They fog on the inside when you're breathing through the hole where your regulator should be. The solution is to either go on air (probably too early), click in, breathe, and then remove your regulator (waste of air) or take the mask off when it's not actually needed. It's a pain in the *** to stop at the door and take stuff off to put your mask on, then put everything back on, but it's a necessary evil. It also serves as a chance to get your game face on.

    Now, once you're inside, breathing air, you'll get fog on the OUTSIDE from warm, moist air hitting your now air-cooled facepiece. Just wipe it off with your glove.

    I have had guys tell me that Fog-X prevents fogging inside the facepiece. Haven't tried it.

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    Default Maskview

    I bought and have used the mask view. It works well.

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    Usually, when I see someone on the fireground with their mask on too early (while on the rig or front lawn)it means they are pretty green. Most veterans don it at the front door when they are going to work, not much time to fog then. I've never seen it fog too much when you're breathing through it, but a quick blast of the bypass will solve it if it does.

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