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    I have been in the fire service for five years. I just got the captain spot on a 30 member (15 active) department. I was asked to head up training since it is something I enjoy. The problem is that the last two years training officers did nothing. I am looking for some help to jumpstart training and get everyone involved. any suggestions helpful.

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    If it were me, I think I'd start with determining where the department as a whole was deficient. Do evaluations (I forget which NFPA standard outlines this kind of thing, but it's a good resource), have tests, send out questionaires to get opinions on what guys want and where they think they need training, etc.

    Since ISO seems to be a big decision making tool on a lot of FDs, look into their training requirements. I've got what they want for annual training, I'll be glad to send it to you if you'd like. They break it down into how many hours per year they want each firefighter, driver/engineer, and officer to have, as well as company and multi-company training.

    Then, plan ahead. If possible, plan all of next years training topics for training days/nights. See if anyone has a topic they're comfortable with teaching. Get with other local instructors or you state fire training agency/school to get classes in your area.

    The best advise I've recieved about training is to think outside of the box and use any resource you can find.

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    Hell, my first thought would be to ask the active firefighters. It would depend on their overall experience and training. Also, be prepared for new personnel who have no training.

    Check with nearby departments, the local fire school, and look at the training section on this website.

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    I was in your shoes 2 years ago. The previous training officer (TO) had been doing it for a long time. So I was glad to get into it and get some new ideas. I first did a survey on what everyone wanted for training. Then I went to some training that our state offered for TO's. I got lots of ideas from those classes. There are some things you have to offer every year- SCBA, Confined Space, Bloodborne's and so on. Also just because you are the TO doesn't mean you have to do the training. Get some of the FF's to be instructors. Pick one and tell them a month in advance that you would like them to do the training that month for such a topic and what ever resources they need you will be there to help them get. I have had some really good training giving them a topic and they have been really creative for that training.
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    Get all the active people certified to Level 1. Or at least do some of the modules from it. Ladders, hose lays, building construction etc...
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