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    Does anyone here belong to a dept that has a mini roof or mini breaching wall and have a copy of the plans/"blueprints" for em? PM or post here.

    If you have any other plans/"blueprints" for MINIATURE training structures or props, please post or PM as well.

    Im mostly looking for the blueprints/plans, not just a picture of it.



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    Put THAT in your pump and flow it.

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    Default No blue prints

    I dont' have blue prints, but I conducted a drill on firefighter survival in which I with the help of 3 other firefighters built a 4' high wall, with 2"X4" studs, and zig-zagged the walls to provide support, and allow more wall per square footage. The firefighters after the lecture had to self rescue through a wall with full PPE and SCBA. Here are some pics:


    There are other pics on this site that one of my firefighters has put together.

    Hope this helps.

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    Our dept. went to a local biulding supply retailer and came up with excellent price/ donation on engineered roof trusses that we then covered with plywood, and simply keep it at ground level for crews to practice on. To save constantly replacing plywood, we cut a section out of the middle and drop in a pallet when doing training. Working really well so far.

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