I am aspiring to be a Sacramento California firefighter. (because I live here)
I have some questions that I hope I can get answered here. (feel free to answer from other states)

I have been hearing that it is quite difficult to become a firefighter in Sacramento and other major cities without being EMT-Paramedic certified. This worries me because I am willing to help people as a EMT-B but I really want to be a firefighter to fight fires and do search and rescue. Is it even possible now-a-days to get hired as a EMT-B firefighter? (also I have never done well in school...another reason I am worried)

Also I have been debating if I should go for a AA degree in Fire Technology or stick with a certificate? (that way I dont have to do general Ed)

Anything that you guys could tell me that would help my chances of getting a job and getting into the academy would be great as well!

(fill free to write a lot or email me chadmf89@yahoo.com)