Im going to Iraq soon for the first time. I got offered a position with WSI. As Im reading these posts I hear a lot of negativity about WSI. Is there something im missing and just not understanding?
Im an optimistic person and I try to make the best out of every situation. I have worked for a few corporations in my day and you put up with some major BS!! I put up with a bunch of complaining and BS at my current job. But I dont let their attitudes bring me down. If they need to complain and be a dick all the time then maybe they need to seek some really isnt all that bad. You are thrown curves all the time, but thats God's way of challenging you...I think.

Im going to Iraq for
1. Obviousley the money $$$
2. Story to tell my children and grand children when the day comes
3. Look back later in my life and be happy with the decision to pay off all my debts including my house, cc, student loans, set me up for the rest of my life.
4. Experience something that I would have never been able to if I hadnt gone.

It seems like the leadership isnt very good and a few other things suck. But they way I look at it is, its for only 1 maybe 2 years of my life and im getting paid pretty well. Why is there so much negativity towards WSI? I have not been yet so I dont know. PLease fill me an Iraq newbie and im ont sure what I have just signed up for based off of what I have been reading.