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    Default Front Bumper tool

    Can anyone give me any ideas how to keep a front bumper tool (pre-connected) from getting wet and rusting? The tool is mounted on a bracket on "dry deck" but it seems to be getting moisture from the road and rain into the compartment. This is a new apparatus and there is not real "seal" around the lid just trim. I think it would be difficult if not impossible to "seal" the lid because of the diamond plate. I have thought of maybe an oil soaked cover or some other tool treatment but not sure if it would have a tangible long term effect. Any ideas would be appreciated
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    We have a rubber seal on our that is held tight to the bumper when the lid is closed. It is held tight by tention clips

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    Try Tool Guard from Zico.

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    I have heard that the way to do it is not trying to seal the area but to prevent water from coming in by use of channels near the openings of the lid and near the hindges. Tool guard is good I have heard too.

    If you try to make it air tight it will just hold any moisture in and never "breath" out the humidity.

    hope it helped

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