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    Default Doctors Brave Ice Storm To Save Baby

    This is an amazing story to come out of the ice storm that paralyzed the midwest yesterday. These doctors are a testament to why the University of Iowa is home to one of the best neonatal centers in the country...

    KGAN-TV Cedar Rapids
    12-11-2007 : Iowa City
    (CBS 2 News)

    The icy weather almost turned deadly for one pre-mature baby born at the Henry County Hospital in Mount Pleasant. But thanks to two University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics doctors, the baby made it through the storm.

    When Dora Tara Orgovanyi came into the world at 6:10 this morning it wasn't the joyful occasion surrounding most births. Tara arrived pre-maturely. At only 26 weeks, her tiny body went into respiratory distress. Born at the Henry County Hospital, a small rural facility that doesn't have the equipment to care for Tara, she needed to be moved to University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. Normally, that would call for the hospital's Neonatal and Pediatric Transport Team to travel the 47 miles from Iowa City by AirCare helicopter to Mount Pleasant, but due to the storm:

    "We weren't able to fly or go by ground, so that was the dilema," says Doctor Michael Acarregui, a UIHC physician in pediatrics.

    So, Doctor Acarregui, along with his colleague Doctor John Dagle, hopped in Acarregui's car and drove through the rain and ice to Mount Pleasant. Upon their arrival the first thing they did was insert a breathing tube and stabilized Tara's breathing. Then with the help of the hospital's paramedics, they built an incubator in the back of a Henry County Ambulance.

    "They had to figure out how to disassemble and reassemble it so the baby would be warm. And for ventilation Doctor Dagle bagged the baby and provided venhiliation all the way back," adds Acarregui.

    Once at University of Iowa Hospitals the 2-pound baby was taken to the neo-natal intensive care unit. Acarregui says Tara is doing well and while she has a 96% chance of surviving, the baby is not out of the woods yet.

    According to Acarregui, "She's at risk for complications and that will become apparent in the next few days and week."

    He adds, Tara's home will be here in Iowa City for the next 12 to 14 weeks.
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    All I can say is "WOW Great job Doc's". There are probably several stories that go untold but when they get pointed out like this one, it is always good to hear. I pray the baby (Tara) makes it. What a great Christmas this will be for them.


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    Job well done to the two Doc's. Prayers that baby Tara pulls through all of this.
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    Wow...these doctors went above and beyond the call of duty.
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    Damn cool story!

    Good job docs!
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    Default Update

    Ice Storm Baby Finally Comes Home
    A girl born during a December ice storm is finally heading home from an Iowa City hospital.

    The baby, named Dorotea, was born premature during the storm and more than 50 miles from the hospital. She was three months premature and desperately needed treatment, but road conditions were so bad they prevented transport.

    Doctors from the hospital volunteered to make the risky trip and brought the baby safely back to Iowa City.

    Family members said they're both thrilled and a little anxious to welcome her home.

    "You're nervous, you're excited, you're happy, you're crazed. There's no nurses. There's no doctors that are going to be there 24 hours. There's no monitors so we're really happy, but we're nervous at the same time," mother Janel Orgovanyi said.

    The baby's name, Dorotea, means a gift from God.
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